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Recent git branches

Sometimes I forget to delete my old git branches, and I forget which is what and who is how. And so on and so forth. So I do this!: git reflog –date=local –all This outputs a nifty list of all the recent commits and which branches they were too. w00t.

iOS timing

Again, do as I say not as I do. Here’s a quick thing I like to do: NSTimeInterval start = CACurrentMediaTime(); [stuff…] NSTimeInterval end = CACurrentMediaTime(); NSLog(@"%f", end-start);

git format-patch and git am

Occasionally I need to send a git patch between computers. Yes, I know there are more efficient ways of doing this, but occasionally it needs to happen. So here’s how I do it: git format-patch –binary master.. –stdout > the.patch and how to apply it: git am –signoff < the.patch